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Lake of the Ozarks Endurance Runs
Race Note


Packet Pick Up

Packet picket is Friday, May 3 2024 from 4 PM to 8 PM at Michael's Steak Chalet, 1440 Swiss Village Road, Osage Beach, Missouri, 65065. We'll be inside the Wein Haus. Look for the building to the right of the center pavilion courtyard area. Stay for dinner. No reservation is needed inside the Wein Haus. Restaurant phone number is 573-348-3611. Packet picket resumes race day morning at 6 a.m. at the start/finish line at Lake of the Ozarks State Park (entrance off of Highway 42) located here,

Athlete Portraits by Mile 90 Photography (Race Day Morning at Start/Finish Line) 6-7 a.m. and  again from 7:45-8:45 a.m.

The Courses: 

This is classic Ozark topography: rocks, loose rocks, tree roots, leaves, rugged trail that may even appear as a creek bed at times. The condition of this trail fluctuates with the weather. There are a few creeks (all three races) that tend to be on the low water to dry side depending on the amount of recent rain. All three courses start and finish in the same location,

Look for the following course markings: orange ribbon (some of the ribbon may be dark orange and some of the ribbon may be a lighter translucent orange, but it's all orange), orange spray painted directional arrows on the ground, orange cones (near the start and finish) and directional signage. If you see a spray painted orange "X" on the ground, don't go that way. The Wandering Bobcat follows the exact same course as Trail of  Four Winds 25K until it gets to the first aid station at approximately 3.5 miles into the course. As runners approach that aid station, Wandering Bobcat competitors go straight and to the left while Trail of Four Winds and LOZ Traverse competitors make a sharp right. There is directional signage at that location and the aid station captain there will help as well. 

Special Note on Trail Markings 

All runners should follow the Trail of Four Winds directional signage. Once again that directional signage applies to all three races: Wandering Bobcat, Trail of Four Winds and LOZ Traverse. On a very short section of the course, Wandering Bobcat competitors will see some signage that applies only to them before they're directed back onto the Trail of Four Winds course. From there, they follow the orange ribbon and Trail of Four Winds directional signage to the finish line. The LOZ Traverse competitors run the complete Trail of Four Winds 25K course before running through the finish line down to the beach transition area. From there, LOZ Traverse competitors paddle to Passover Beach before taking two roads to the Honey Run Trailhead. That side of the LOZ Traverse course is marked with orange spray painted arrows, orange ribbon and LOZ Traverse specific directional signage. While on the paved road heading to the Honey Run Trailhead, you may encounter a rather big dog. I have run by this dog on multiple occasions. It barks and aggressively runs towards the road, but I have never had a problem. State Park Patrol are aware of this dog as well. 






Special Note on Orange Trail Marking Ribbon

Orange trail marking ribbon will always be on the runner's right hand side. When possible, it will be attached to the nail behind the state park trail markers. Sometimes the state park trail markers are on the runner's left hand side. When that happens, the orange ribbon remains on the runner's right typically hanging from a tree. Orange ribbon is every .25 miles, but typically is seen more frequently. In the event you see orange ribbon on your right and left hand sides, that's because you're running that section in both directions. Please study your course maps. 









Aid Station Locations (approximate):

  • 3.5 mile marker | Aid Station Captain Cody Eubanks

    • Tailwind (electrolyte), ice water, bananas, melon/watermelon, Paydays & other candy bars, fruit snacks, Twizzlers 

  • 10 mile marker | Aid Station Captain Dave McNaughton

    • Tailwind (electrolyte), water, ice, oranges, bananas, PBJ sandwiches, pretzels, coke, sprite, cookies, salt, potato chips, cheese snacks, fruit snacks. ​

  • 13.5 mile marker | Aid Station Captain Jake Grossbauer

    • Tailwind (electrolyte), water, ice, chips, pickles, PBJ, avocado and Nutella wraps, fruit snacks​

  • 22 mile marker (LOZ Traverse only | competitors hit this aid station three times: 22 mile marker, 26.5 mile marker and 29 mile marker.) | Aid Station Captain Ann Hollis

    • Tailwind (electrolyte), water, ice, all the staples as well as quesadillas, bacon, and potatoes​

  • Finish line | Aid Station Captain Chris Boyle

    • Tailwind (electrolyte), water, ice, soda (various), chips (various) and a few other items. Also at the finish line is your post-race meal and beverage. Your bib will have two coupons attached to it–one for your meal and one for your beer (if interested) from Lake of the Ozarks Brewing Company. Additional beer and food can be purchased. Take your food coupon to the food truck (barbecue and veggie burgers) on site and your beverage coupon to the beer vendor on site. Also, there will be a separate beverage trailer on site for smoothies, coffee and more (purchase only). Bring your camping chairs, blankets and relax at the finish line. Dance Monkey Dance will be performing live. Also at the finish line: Yoga, Race Recovery with Jess, Fleet Feet Columbia and Altra on site with Altras to demo, Wake Effect by Big Thunder Marine will be showcasing some of their kayaks and standup paddle boards, Vandoit (camper vans) is doing their best to be on site with one of their decked out vans.

Don't skip the first aid station. Finish your bottle and fill up. It's a long haul to the next aid station. Considering bringing a hydration vest. Remember this is a cupless event. If you like gels, please bring your own. Consider bringing your own salt tablets as well. 


Some of you have dropped from the LOZ Traverse to Trail of Four Winds 25K. Keep in mind, we may not be able to switch your race shirt and you may not receive a finisher's award. Shirts and finisher awards are ordered two weeks before race day. Thank you for your understanding. 

Restrooms and Parking (The restrooms will have toilet paper, but it's always a good idea to bring some of your own.) 

There are no restrooms on the Wandering Bobcat and Trail of Four Winds 25 courses. Plan accordingly. There are two sets of restrooms located near the start/finish line. The first set is located right there at the start/finish line and the second set is located near the Marine Store parking lot just a short walk from the start/finish line. Competitors running the LOZ Traverse, after running through the finish line arch, you can use the restroom (if necessary) before heading to the beach transition area. Once again, cross the finish line first. In addition, there are restrooms located at Passover Beach on the other side of the lake. Note parking areas on map.



LOZ Traverse Competitors Only

  • There will be a drop bag area at the start/finish line. It will be a marked area between the finish line and the beach transition area.

  • You can use your kayak as your drop back area as well–extra water, snacks and gear. You must wear your Coast Guard approved life jacket before leaving the beach transition area. Failure to do so could result in disqualification. Only one person per boat. This is an individual competition, not a team competition. 

  • Once you paddle the approximately 1.5 miles to Passover Beach, you must check in with Gary Thompson, Passover Beach Check-in Captain by giving him your bib number. Remember, it's your responsibility to make sure Gary hears your bib number. 

  • After beaching your boat at Passover Beach, you will run up Passover Road (gravel) and make a left on McCubbins Drive (paved). You will run McCubbins to the Honey Run Trailhead (on the right). The road portion will be marked with orange cones and orange painted arrows. Runners make sure you run against traffic (normal road running protocol). From Passover Beach to the Honey Run Trailhead is approximately 1.5 miles. 

  • The first section of the Honey Run Trail System is the Uplands Flatwood Section. You will run approximately 3 miles (from where you made the right off of McCubbins) to the aid station where you will see Jan Pyrtle, Honey Run Check-in Captain. You must check in with Jan there by giving him your bib number. Once again, it is your responsibility to make sure Jan hears your bib number. 

  • After checking in with Jan, runners will hit the North Loop and run it clockwise before coming back to the aid station to check in with Jan again. 

  • After checking in with Jan a second time, runners will hit the South Loop (the smaller of the two loops) and run it clockwise.

  • Runners return to the aid station a third time and check in with Jan one last time before taking the Uplands Flatwood section back to McCubbins. 

  • Runners make a left on McCubbins and take it to Passover Road (on the right) back down to Passover Beach.

  • Runners will check in with Gary at Passover Beach, put their lifejackets back on, and paddle back across the lake to Public Beach #1 where they will beach their boats and make the short run up the hill back across the finish line. 


All LOZ Traverse competitors must provide their own boat with a Coast Guard approved life jacket. Boats should be brought with you race day morning. Carry them to the beach near the start/finish line. That area of the beach (transition area) will be marked. No outside help is allowed in the transition areas during the race. 

















FYI: We will be selling race shirts from previous years for $5.00 each. If interested, please bring cash.

I hope everyone has a great race (Wandering Bobcat 5 Miler, Trail of Four Winds 25K and LOZ Traverse)! Safe travels! If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me at

See you soon!

John Shelby, Race Director

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