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Race Consultation

Do you want to launch a new race? Are you having issues with a current one? Year-over-year growth is difficult for any company. We specialize in helping individuals, organizations, companies and nonprofits create and launch successful running events. 


Do You Need Help With Your Race?

Ha Ha Racing Events can act as a consultant for your race or take on an active, hands-on role. You decide our level of involvement. We simply want to provide you with the information necessary to succeed. 

Details Matter

Launching a successful road or trail race is the ultimate in event planning. From course design to finisher awards, the tasks are numerous. Ha Ha Racing Events has been there. We have the expertise and experience to help you navigate all aspects of putting on a road or trail race: permits, insurance, sponsorships, entrant fees, registration, logo design, marketing, public relations and much more. Contact us today at 

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